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What is the Emotion Code and How It Changes Lives

The Fastest and Simplest Way To Remove the Trapped Emotions that are Keeping You from Moving Forward In Your Life.

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Emotion Code Flow Chart

What Is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a healing system developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to released trapped emotions from the body. Everything is energy as stated by Dr. Albert Einstein and even an emotion has an energetic property.

The body is a total system that enables us to function in this life. We are surrounded by energies that we either use or reject depending on the needs our our body. Some come in the form of emotions.

Just as colors are actually the appearance of different frequencies, Emotions are composed of similar properties. A lower or negative emotion has a lower frequency and the body isn’t able to assimilate that frequency or doesn’t know how to deal with it. In these situations, these emotions can become “trapped” in our magnetic field or even in our bodies causing imbalances that can affect the proper function of our body system.

Dr. Nelson found that a representation of 60 negative emotions are enough for the subconscious to identify the emotions trapped within us. Upon identification, we can then release these energies and allow the body to function as it should as it keeps us alive and moving forward.

How It Has Helped Others

Working with Tom has been amazing! It was amazing to experience the lifting of generations of old engery that had been passed down to me and was causing me some issues with stepping into the life that I so deeply wanted for myself. After our sessions, I felt more grounded and confident in going for what I desired, knowing the I was on the right track and was very supported by the universe. Thank you Tom! ~ LaKeisha H. Washington DC
My testimonial is that I had dealt with some trauma's in my life. Because of it I became very emotional. I was up one day and down the other. In other words I was an emotional roller coaster. I knew that I needed help. So I stumbled on Tom's website and I decided to set an appointment and as they say the rest is history. I'm feeling so much better. And I'm having a more positive outlook on life. ~ Pamela S.

I heard about Tom through a credible source and at that time I was feeling stuck and felt I had trapped energy in my body that was affecting the way I was doing life. We connected instantly and he identified the following problem areas: Lack of creativity and my health.
He released all the trapped energy that was blocking me from accessing my creative ability and I had huge results. I now able to create easily and effortlessly from a loving place, all my creative projects are bringing me great satisfaction, I feel really good expressing myself in all sorts of creative ways and beginning to experience my talents being in demand and my unique gifts being appreciated by my clients. ~ Pamela G.

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