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What Is The Emotion Code?

Emotion Code Book

You might ask, what is the Emotion Code? The Emotion Code is a holistic energy healing process that relieves you of emotional and physical pain, instantly and even permanently, by releasing trapped emotions. The Emotion Code explains what happens to our bodies when the energy of our negative experiences becomes blocked, creating a pattern of pain, discomfort, frustration, and sorrow that can be passed down through the generations. Emotion Code practitioners are taught to bypass the conscious mind and communicate with your subconscious—your higher self, the part of your soul that holds the answers to your deepest questions—and to release the trapped energy of pain and suffering in an instant, healing your body and mind, your loved ones, and the generations before you and after.


Sometimes we feel like we have a wall between us and those we care about. The emotion code allows blocks to be removed. Restoring communication the way it was meant to be. This includes all aspects of our lives whether at home or at work.


Emotions can be inherited from our parents and sometimes even further back the family tree. These emotions can be released from everyone through the generations. Frequently this affects inherited problems we may have, clearing them from all.


When emotions are trapped inside of us, it can affect how our body functions. Over time, this can create problems in circulation and creating pain. Releasing emotions can erase pain, clear physical blocks and misalignments.


  • Make an energetic connection - get permission to work
  • Muscle test to check for correct testing
  • Ask if there is a trapped emotion that can be released
  • Locate emotion on the chart - write it down
  • Ask to see where it came from - you, inherited ...
  • When did it occur (if needed)
  • Ask if it can be released
  • If No - ask if there is anything to be released first
  • If Yes - Release it with intention and a magnet

I read books, take courses, pray, and devote a lot of time to understanding myself in an effort to realize my greatest potential. However, there are issues in my life where I have asked myself- out loud- "What is WRONG with me? Why can't I get this?"

That's where Tom Heintz comes in. After just one session, things started to line up. Events or people that I or my subconscious had been holding on to, to my detriment, were released. Physically, I am sleeping better, napping less, moving more- like a literal weight has been lifted. Spiritually, I know my feet are set on a course where, in the absence of those internal negative beliefs, the future is becoming increasingly bright. I can't explain his gift, but I'm grateful he has the courage to use it.

Mary D., Redondo Beach, CA

Tom Heintz - Certified Healer Practitioner - Emotion Code & Body Code

Tom Heintz

Healing Practitioner

"I am constantly amazed at what this work can do for people. The biggest hurdle they have is believing it can actually be true. I love seeing the delight and amazement on their faces when they change!"