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Why You Need Energy Healing

by admin
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Energy Healing has been on the rise for the past 30 years and if you really look at history, it dates back 1000's of years. The reality about this history is that we've been experiencing a "Dark Ages" for the past 150 years. Let me explain.

We are blessed with wonderful advancements that have enabled us to increase our life span and understand the world we live in today. Make no mistake, we can no longer claim ignorance when it comes to the world of microscopic germs, DNA, or how the body functions on many physical levels. This is wonderful knowledge! Things we couldn't see and used to just ignore. There is however a blindness that started with the development of medical practices based on science ... the inability to accept proven healing techniques used by our ancestors. They were not specialists in learning, so therefore they could not be trusted with knowing about something they didn't understand.

If you couldn't prove it in a laboratory or a scientific study, it wasn't considered fact and therefore hogwash. However, with the development of science and inquiring minds, we are becoming more and more aware that many of the things that we believed when we were growing up are no longer true.

Let me give you an example. I am from the generation that automatically had their tonsils removed, whether we needed to or not. It was just done. Frequently the surgeon would remove the spleen or the appendix when doing an operation on something else ... because it wasn't really an important organ and could potentially cause problems later.

With better technology, we've learned that both of these organs are vital to the well being of our bodies in overcoming disease and immune system imbalances.

I guess my point is that many of our "experts" were going off of their opinions and the current information out there at the time. We became blinded to any "old" beliefs because they were not yet proven by science.

The old ways of "healers" using herbs, alignments and prayers were outdated and thought to be worthless superstitious nonsense.

Except that now, those same scientists are discovering that there really IS something to the old beliefs. That there CAN be very strong effects done with the same herbs and Energy movement. Technology has finally started to catch up with reality by creating machines that can detect the same imbalances that Energy Healers did before in times past.

We are all aware of the incredible increases in the costs of medical care. The majority of these costs are attributed to the Drugs needed to treat the symptoms we all experience.

It's important to understand that I do acknowledge the need for the medical industry and further advancements in science, but I also understand the need to understand that much of it is unneeded in many ways.

I have a doctor friend who constantly complains to me that he can do nothing for his patients except prescribe drugs to handle the symptoms. One drug for the symptom, then later another for the side effect of the first drug, and so on and so on. Frequently it becomes a circle of drugs.

These drugs for the most part are simply masking the problem and enabling the body to continue in an imbalanced way.

Energy Healing on the other hand, is designed to actually treat the source of the imbalance. Whether it be for anxiety, cancer, weight loss, eyes, headaches or pains to the body in anyway. Mental or Physical needs can be met and the body brought back into balance so it can heal itself.

This type of Energy Healing can be done by anyone who has the desire to learn. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, novice or expert, the healing effects are the same. Even animals can be treated using energy healing.

Energy Healing definition is using the bodies energy fields to affect the ability to heal itself. This is harnessing the corrupted forces that are caused by emotion trauma or the effects of a disease.

Albert Einstein said it best "Everything is Energy". It doesn't matter where the body has an errant imbalance, it can be corrected. There are many energy healing websites out there and finding a certified Practitioner is key to understanding how it can be done.

I use the Emotion Code and Body Code systems to base all of the modalities I use in my work. I hope that you will schedule a life changing session to find out what imbalances you are dealing with and that are keeping you from moving forward in your life.

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