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The Body Emotions - Videos

Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing exactly? Tom Heintz explains how it can affect you and how Emotional Trauma can keep you from being everything you can be. The Emotion Code and the Body Code created by Dr. Bradley Nelson are introduced. ~ length -10:49

How Imbalances Affect You

  • What is Energy Healing
  • What does Imbalance Do to the Body
  • How Can You Clear Imbalances
  • Practitioner Tom Heintz

What is a Heart Wall

  • Where Heart Wall comes from
  • What the Heart Wall does
  • How the Heart Wall can be Removed

The Heart Wall

The Heart Wall can keep us from our full potential. It can affect your communication with other people and can even cause problems with your body systems. Isolation and mental issues can also result when a Heart Wall becomes overwhelming. ~ 2:18 length

The Body Emotions

The Body Emotions was created to help people with a new system developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. The Emotion Code and the Body Code are used by Healing Practitioner Tom Heintz. Trained by Dr. Nelson. ~ 1:46 length

Discover Your Happy Ending

  • Introducing the Body Emotions
  • Tom Heintz - Certified Practitioner
  • Dr. Bradley Nelson - Emotion Code

Dealing with Depression

  • What Effects Depression Has
  • How to Break the Cycle of Depression
  • Healing Practitioner Tom Heintz


Depression and Anxiety affect many people around the world, causing isolation and loneliness. There is a way to break the never ending cycle with the use of the Body Code and Emotion Code developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson ~ 1:38 length