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What Is The Body Code?

Body Code System 2.0

So what is the Body Code and why is it different from The Emotion Code? The Emotion Code focuses on Trapped Emotions. The Body Code goes much further and covers six different areas of imbalance. Those areas are as follows:

  • Energies - where the emotion code is only a part
  • Systems and Circuits - where we look at the actual body issues
  • Toxins - where we identify toxic energies
  • Pathogens - finding dangerous energies that are attacking us
  • Misalignments - these are areas of our body systems that need adjustment
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle - these are the needs of our body that are affected by the choices we make or need to make

This is what Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of the Body Code has to say about it: "There is no other system like The Body Code! It’s packed with useful information about the body, but it’s so easy to use and navigate that a child could do it. You can learn at your own pace, and I promise you, you won’t get bored! I believe that healing should be a simple and elegant process, that is why The Body Code is a simple and elegantly designed program! This is truly a revolutionary new approach to healthcare. It allows you to take your health into your own hands. It’s also possible that you can use The Body Code to make a new career as a Certified Body Code Practitioner. My team and I have certified over 1000 people in 39 different countries!conscious mind and communicate with your subconscious—your higher self, the part of your soul that holds the answers to your deepest questions—and to release the trapped energy of pain and suffering in an instant, healing your body and mind, your loved ones, and the generations before you and after."



In the Energies category, we deal with emotions, traumas, mental issues, addictive energies and intolerances. Sometimes we also deal with offensive energies like Sabotage from past experiences. Find out what happened and when by asking the right questions.

Circuits & Systems

The beauty of the Body Code is the ability to locate imbalances within Organs, Glands and Systems. Some of these systems like Acupuncture Meridians can malfunction as well as Chakras. This is the section that helps us find and release what is causing Disconnections and blocks.


We are surrounded by unseen Toxins. They come in many forms from many sources. Like radio waves, many radiate through the air. Others come from contact and even others can be absorbed or inherited from people or situations around us. All affect us and cause imbalance.


Like Toxins, Pathogens can be contracted from unseen sources. Microscopic bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Mold and Fungal spores can hide within us. The Body Code helps find the problems and since everything is energy, we can release them and bring back healing. The body knows what needs to be done.


Energy may seem invisible to the naked eye, but it does take space. When we have Emotions or Toxins within us, they can displace Organs and Glands enough to cause problems. By locating and releasing these Misalignment energies, the body can return to balance and you will benefit.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

This section covers a wide area of influence. Deficiencies in Sleep, Color, Foods, Herbs or Nutrients can cause major problems for the body. Your Magnetic Field can be affected and cause malfunctions or imbalances. Even something as simple as Dehydration can cause the body to react in adverse ways.


  • Make an energetic connection - get permission to work
  • Muscle test to check for correct testing
  • Decide what "Focus" you are working on
  • Use the charts to guide you
  • Find the Imbalances and Release them

“I have had fibroids for a very long time and being a woman in her 40’s I was looking for an alternative approach that didn’t require surgery. I wondered if it was possible that my body could shrink the fibroids. I had used other modalities like reiki and acupuncture but I wanted to try something deeper like energy medicine I had done some reading in the past.

I found Tom during my search and decided to contact Tom and made an appointment. He found that I had thought about going back to school but had the fear of not succeeding. I also had numerous past emotional hurts that went back as far as 37 years ago! Although, it took several sessions, my fibroids have shrank in size. Your body is really peeling away layers of past hurts so I am happy with the results and amazed what my body can do and will allow. Thank you Tom!”

Charlene I., New York, NY

Tom Heintz - Certified Healer Practitioner - Emotion Code & Body Code

Tom Heintz

Healing Practitioner

"I am constantly amazed at what this work can do for people. The biggest hurdle they have is believing it can actually be true. I love seeing the delight and amazement on their faces when they change!"